Discover and book your perfect polo stay

Polo World makes planning and booking your next polo trip nearly as easy as booking your flight. Now you can discover offers from the top polo destinations in Argentina or book your stay in one of unique gems based in secluded locations around the world.

Why book with us?

  1. Discover spectacular polo clubs in stunning destinations around the globeBrowse the facilities and accommodation of over 30 clubs highly rated by active polo players.
  2. Choose from a broad range of thoughtfully designed polo holiday packagesArrange a fuss-free polo experience curated by experts who understand the sport and its participants.
  3. Receive exclusive polo perks and offers Enjoy unique deals on everything from polo holidays to polo equipment or clothing.
  4. Access polo travel tips and authentic local guidesTravel like a local with inside guides to the best polo destinations, and receive pro tips on packing for polo and more.
  5. Book your next polo experience online with total confidenceSafely choose your next holiday, lesson, or practice chukkers, from a verified list of exceptional clubs.

Do you own or manage a polo club?

If the answer is yes and you would like to promote your services with us apply to join our waitlist here.

Currently Polo World membership is granted only to polo clubs that were invited either by our partners such Argentine Polo Association or La Martina.

In the coming months we are focusing our efforts on bringing the top destinations in Argentina in front of visiting players for the high season. Once the high season is over we will be reviewing the applications and reaching out to each club individually.

To join the waitlist please click here.