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Jnan Amar Polo School

A world-class polo club on a 50-hectare estate nestled at the foot of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. Luxurious Ritz-Carlton residences share the beautifully landscaped grounds set a 20-minute drive from the delights of Marrakech. A favorable climate allows year-round polo play.


- Regular polo tournaments including British Polo Day Morocco
- Minutes away from the historic markets and authentic restaurants of Marrakech
- World-class polo field and extensive paddocks
- Set in a beautiful landscaped 50-hectare estate at the foot of the Atlas Mountains

Activity Guide

Polo action

A high-caliber modern polo academy catering to seasoned players and newcomers with a mixture of private and group lessons. Experienced instructors offer coaching at all stages of player development, including at the professional level.

Beginners can enroll on a one-hour introductory course which covers basic practice techniques and provides a clear breakdown of the rules of the game.

A follow-up class in Horse Basics will give novice players the confidence in the saddle they need to play their first thrilling match.

Newcomers seeking a truly immersive day of sporting excitement can dive right in with a full Polo Day. The experience begins with an early morning Intro to Polo class followed by an interactive tour of the club's stables.

Lunch on the beautiful 50-hectare estate is followed by a horse-ride set against a majestic mountain backdrop. The day ends with a traditional Moroccan afternoon tea service.

Personalized lesson plans developed with professional coaches are available for more experienced players who wish to develop specific skills and attain a higher standard of play. An individual lesson typically lasts 45 minutes.

Jnan Amar's ponies are sourced from Patrick Guerrand-Hermès' distinguished stud farm and from other prestigious studs in Argentina.

Play unfolds across a world-class field with an ampitheater-like design that offers polo spectators a gripping view of the action. Morocco's premier polo club also has an additional polo field and a practice field.

Polo facilities

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Beyond Polo

Year-round moderate temperatures mean the breath-taking scenery of the Jnan Amar estate can be enjoyed in any season.

See Morocco’s epic landscape from the skies with a hot air balloon ride over the colossal Atlas Mountains. You’ll take flight at dawn in a colorful mass departure and enjoy a romantic lunch with an unforgettable view.

More excitement awaits in the bustling city of Marrakech, located just a 20-minute drive away.

Explore the ancient Medina district with its maze-like streets and busy souks, then visit the iconic main square, Djemaa el Fna. Here you will encounter snake-charmers, story-tellers and musicians, and inhale the richly spiced scent of authentic Moroccan street food.

Rejuvenation can be found in the city's many hammams, where visitors can relax in a steam room before being treated to a vigorous full body scrub or healing oil massage.

As night the city's many fine dining restaurants, rooftop cocktail bars and glamorous nightlife destinations come alive.

What's included?

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About Jnan Amar Polo Club

Jnan Amar Polo Club Marrakech, founded by Amar Abdelhadiin 2013, is Morocco's premier polo destination.

Established in a location of unsurpassed beauty, this exceptional club is situated on a 50-hectare estate peppered with luxurious Cubist Ritz-Carlton private residences and surrounded by views of Africa's Atlas Mountains.

The club boasts a world-class polo ground designed in partnership with Santa Maria Polo Club from Spain. Ambitious landscaping has created a raised viewing area where spectators can watch all the sporting drama unfold in an ampitheater-like setting.

Adjacent to the ground are stables and a second field used primarily for practice. A club house with a fine dining restaurant, club lounge, pool and tennis courts are currently in development.

The club has hosted several international tournaments which have been attended by HM King Mohammed VI of Morocco and by world-renowned British entrepreneur Richard Branson who owns nearby luxury hotel the Kasbah Tamadot.

Club facilities

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  • Changing room
  • Free WiFi

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