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Polo Experience Day

Pompeya Polo is the main hub for the top official Argentine polo tournaments that take place outside of Buenos Aires province.


It is a hidden gem secluded in the Cordoba mountains, surrounded by nature, with a unique environment to enjoy sports of great national and international prestige such as Polo and Pato.

Activity Guide

Polo action

Polo Lessons with Mariano Martínez Pizarro (Polo Manager) and Néstor Ulloa (Polo Assistant Manager)

The program consists of a field day whose main attraction will be learning to play Polo. The activity begins in the morning with the arrival of the group that will be welcomed with traditional Argentine snacks. While we enjoy the “picada”, we will learn basic concepts of the sport. Then we will assign a horse to each participant to start the lesson. The class lasts approximately an hour and a half with small intervals to hydrate. At the end of the practice, the famous Argentine “Asado” will wait for us.

Polo facilities

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    Professional players: 2
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    Polo fields: 3
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    Size: 265*130
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    Horses: 15
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Beyond Polo

In the afternoon, after the “sobremesa”, we will watch a live polo match and unwind and relax surrounded by the impressive surroundings of Pompeya Polo.

What's included?

Our Lesson Offer includes:
Introductory Polo Lesson
Exhibition Polo Game
Traditional Argentine Picada
Starters, Asado, Dessert

About Pompeya Polo

Pompeya Polo’s popular events offer the chance to enjoy a pleasant day in the countryside with family and friends in a relaxed atmosphere, whilst tasting and appreciating products of leading brands.

The Polo Club has five official polo fields that are approved by the Argentine Polo Association, plus top-quality facilities - including stables, corrals, paddocks, a horse walker and an exercise track and arena.

Club facilities

  • Club house
  • Bar
  • On-site Accommodation
  • Changing room

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