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Polo Weekend at a historical venue

Conceived with the passion and desire to share a unique and welcoming place where history meets nature, our hotel is a sensory experience, where a sense of calm and wellness transports our guests far from everyday stress.


The attention paid to detail along with a personalized service are part of the philosophy of Estancia La Paz Hotel, a comforting, quiet and intimate place that honors its history.

Activity Guide

Polo action

Estancia La Paz has been associated with equestrian activities throughout its history. In the XIX century, Don Julio Argentino Roca used to spend his summers at La Paz, enjoying his horses. In the last decades of the past century, the practice of Polo became the Estancia’s trademark.

Today we especially emphasize the possibility to practice equestrian sports in a friendly and relaxed environment. We offer personalized services (Polo lessons, horses maintenance, among others) and first-rate facilities.

Our Polo Holiday program is planned for all kinds of players, either new or experienced in this sport. The packages are designed according to the players’ level of experience (beginner, intermediate or advanced), and include:

• Polo lessons, theory classes and practice sessions in charge of a professional
• Special horses for Polo practice
• Horse equipment
• Polo practice with 4-player teams
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner
• Appetizer before dinner with a glass of Argentinian wine
• Deluxe Rooms

Polo facilities

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    Professional players: 5
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    Size: 265*130
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    Horses: 20
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Beyond Polo

The historic Casco central building, now housing the Roca Suite and the Restaurant 1830, dates back to the XIX century and it was built by request of Julio Argentino Roca, twice President of Argentina, to make it his summer residence. The exotic park, designed by Charles Thays in 1900, together with its artificial lake and surrounded by the mountains, renders a beautiful, harmonious and unique setting.

• 18-hole golf course
• Tennis court
• Riverside area by the Río Ascochinga
• Outdoor pool
• Trekking and biking paths
• Lagoons and 98 acres of nature reserves
• Regional cuisine

• Full moon horseback riding
• Golf
• Route of Tradition and Jesuit Estancias (Santa Catalina & Ongamira Caves, Old Real Road to Alto • Perú, Ischilín, Cerro Colorado)
• Doma and Folklore Festival
• Visit to Bodega Terra Camiare
• Marcos Furer’s gallery
• Pigeon hunting
• Mountain bike to Candonga
• Bird watching & photographic safari
• 4X4 Adventure

What's included?

Our Weekend Package includes:
Polo lessons
All meals
Deluxe rooms

About Estancia La Paz

The first inhabitants of the territory that is now “Pueblo Estancia La Paz” were the indigenous Sanavirones. Towards the mid XVII century, this location was called “Corral de Piedra” (which means “stone corral”), and together with the “Ascochinga” windmill, it was donated to the novitiate of the Compañía de Jesús School to be incorporated in the “Santa Catalina” Estancia, today a World Heritage Site, which came to extend for over 150,000 acres.

The estancia saw its greatest period of splendor in the hands of Julio A. Roca, who was President of the Argentine Republic twice. By the late XIX century, he modernized the estancia by granting it an Italian Neoclassical style and by adding important buildings like the stables, the wash house, the indoor pool and the outdoor pool. It was also the former President who commissioned the French landscape architect Charles Thays to design the majestic 250-acre park with its artificial lake.

Club facilities

  • Swimming Pool
  • Free WiFi
  • On-site Accommodation
  • Golf course
  • Restaurant
  • Changing room
  • Club house

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